CartoonMadeRapBattles- Milhouse Van Houten vs Butters Stotch (Season 2)03:15

CartoonMadeRapBattles- Milhouse Van Houten vs Butters Stotch (Season 2)


Zack Maloney (born Febuary 22, 2002) is a rapper, skit writer and editor. He met the crew by getting invited to a group call with them. His channel is Zac Attac. He has appeared in 7 battles so far.

He also makes original songs on his soundcloud account "Zacattac" and makes cartoon rap battles on "CMRB"He also has another series Messed up rap battles that makes fun of bad rap battle series with most of the characters being voiced by either him or speakonia.



Zack once made skits on his old channel Zackschannellive, in which he made a video called ERB Auditions. He then went on to make fan made ERBs that he entered into ERBParodies' scrapped contest. The ERBP crew were impressed by him and a certain someone else and added him on skype to review his chances to get in a battle!


Carl Johnson(audio)

Mental Patient (cameo)

Waving Guy (cameo)

Richie Rich

Niall Horan (video only)

Mental Patient (cameo) (again)

Sally (audio only)

Cupid (Original Casting, Scrapped for Mat4yo)

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